A 57 year old woman from St. Lucie identified as Terry Ann Brewer has turned herself in and has also admitted have been driving under the influence when she knocked out gas services to thousands of homes and restaurants affecting a large portion of Fort Pierce, FL, as reported by wpbf.com.

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Twice the legal limit

Since surrendering, Brewer was arrested and taken into custody and slapped with a DUI causing property damage charge. She has reportedly posted a thousand dollar bond and is free until her scheduled court hearing.  As per state Port St. Lucile Police, Brewer registered a blood alcohol content level of double the maximum legal amount. According to Fort Pierce, FL DUI attorneys the legal limit is 0.08%. Apparently her blood alcohol content was 0.16%.

The incident occurred on the 10th of May the year when Brewer had gotten behind the wheel of her 2005 Dodge Caravan in an inebriated state. She ploughed through a fence and then into a Florida City Gas Transmission’s main line located at the curve in the road in the proximity of SW Macedo Boulevard 300 feet from the intersection of SW Bayshore Boulevard.

After the collision, Brewer then became trapped in her own car and was helpless. Rescue workers responded in a timely manner and were able to pull her out of the mangled remains. Because of the accident, people living and doing business in and around the area of a radius of one mile had to be emergency evacuated since there was a risk of gas poisoning. They may want to jump the site USAttorneys.com to see if there is any legal route they have to financially remedy this situation. They may want to put up cement pillar to protect such a gas structure.

Brewer was rushed to a nearby medical facility where she spent numerous days recuperating. According to authorities, nearly 6,000 people living in the area and countless businesses were out of gas services. The fact that it was mother’s day made things worse as several eatery’s and restaurants had to be shut down on such a busy day.

Terrible infrastructure

Many small business owners in the area spoke with authorities and media alike and gave concurring reports of how their business had been negatively impacted and it had taken them almost a month or more to simply make up for the losses they experienced.

Why would something so vital be that exposed?


DUI manslaughter in Florida

Recent DUI manslaughter convictions have all ended very differently for those convicted in Florida and this has brought up several debates as to why the difference in verdicts and prison sentences, as reported by Miami Herald.

That Twitter tweet upset many people

In one case, a 20 year old named Kayla Mendoza was handed a 24 year long prison sentence after she crashed and killed two young women while driving drunk. Only moments before the accident, she had tweeted “2 drunk 2 care”. Another case is that of 27 year old Edna Jean Pierre who was handed the four year minimum for killing one person in a DUI crash. The third was 57 year old Antonio Lawrence who was given 10 years for the same crime.

Florida DUI laws

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