A woman from Fort Lauderdale who is accused of having killed two men in a drunk driving crash back in 2013 will be back in court in order to accept responsibility for the catastrophic accident, as reported by sun-sentinel.com.

The suspect in the case is 25 year old Alyza Russell and she will appear in front of Broward Circuit Judge Ernest Kollra for a plea hearing where she can plead with not guilty, guilty, or with no contest. It is not known at this point whether or not she will plead guilty or with no defense.

A no defense plea will also result in the same consequences, but she will not be formally accepting that she is guilty and so the plea itself cannot be used as evidence in any stemming civil lawsuits, point out leading DUI lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL and there is none better than Leader & Leader, P.A. Leader & Leader, P.A. knows how to come through in the clutch and knows how to win small and large cases. Media scrutiny does not bother Leader & Leader, P.A., this firm always shines.

She would have had to serve 20 years in jail, but thanks to a plea bargain deal that her Florida DUI attorney has been able to strike with prosecutors, her sentence will be reduced to 10 years followed by probation in exchange for pleading guilty or pleading with no contest so that the case does not actually go into trial.

However, her defense lawyer is still trying to have the prison term further reduced to just 4 years, but the final call of course will be left to Judge Kollra.

The 2013 accident – the details

Back in 2013, Russell was operating her mother’s Porsche Panamera when she lost control of it and ploughed through some bushes and finally into a parking lot where she struck and killed 30 year old Mackendy Jules and 35 year old Samuel Artez Martindale.

The two victims were homeless men who were standing in the parking lot at the time just having a chat with some friends. When Russell was tested for sobriety, it turned out that her BAC was over twice the legal amount in the state, which itself can lead to severe penalties and punishments, caution Fort Lauderdale, FL DUI lawyers.

Russell had posted bond of $450,000. In June she was found to be in violation of her bond terms when she left her mother’s beachfront condo for a couple of hours to walk her dog. At this point, Judge Kollra reset her bond and placed her under house arrest. However, Kollra did allow for Russell to leave the house in order to take up her GMAT exams in an exception case.

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