Clinton, CT- A Massachusetts mother’s craving for McDonald’s ended in a DUI arrest after employees noticed that not only was she intoxicated but she had her young daughter in the car.

Right before 8 p.m. Wednesday Drive-thru employees at the fast food restaurant noticed that one of their customers appeared to be “extremely intoxicated” and had a young child in her car. The observant employees notified police and the women was soon in custody.

Police stopped Michelle Dion of Springfield, Mass., in the driver-thru lane and confirmed the suspicions of the McDonald’s employees. After determining she was intoxicated, police arrested and charged Dion with operating under the influence and risk to injury of a minor, the Hartford Courant reported.

Dion’s daughter was taken to the police station and late released to the custody of family members.

No matter which state you live in, driving under the influence with a minor child in the car is serious charge. DUI offenders have an uphill battle fighting the intoxicated driving charges alone, adding child endangerment charges makes that battle even more difficult.

In Massachusetts, a child endangerment charge while operating under the influence carries a minimum penalty of 90 days in jail on top of any jail terms for the intoxicated driving offense. This charge also means that  children of parents convicted of OUI will be placed in foster care and must fight to get custody of their child back.

When you are OUI or DUI charges with a minor child in your vehicle, you need expert legal representation. No one should face a DUI without legal counsel, the stakes are far too high. The exceptional DUI attorneys at are capable of providing their clients with a strong defense that may allow them to avoid a DUI conviction.

It would appear that fast food runs and drinking go hand in hand.  In recent months, some high-profile individuals have been charged with DUI after making a trip to their favorite fast-food restaurant. So, if police want to catch more drunken drivers then maybe they should consider setting up more checkpoints near Taco Bells and McDonald’s.

In April, Florida State Representative Dane Eagle (R.-Cape Coral), who once said elected officials “should be held to a higher standard,” was arrested for DUI after a late night Taco Bell run in Tallahassee.

In Eagle’s case, he was spotted by an officer after exiting the drive-thru and was pulled over after he was caught speeding away.

Earlier the same month, Jonas Valanciunas of the Toronto Raptors was also arrested for DUI after a trip to a fast-food restaurant. A worker at the restaurant alerted police after they noticed beer bottles in his vehicle. Valanciunas was arrested at his home and charged with DUI, but, fortunately for him, that charge was dropped this week.

In the case of most people, getting behind the wheel when they are drunk is a mistake they don’t realize they are making at the time. We all know drunk people aren’t known for making wise decisions, but some of the consequences of their stupid mistake can be negated when they enlist the services of a DUI attorney.