A male suspect identified as Rafael Herrera has been prosecuted for an accident in which he seriously injured three girls and also killed a mother while driving the wrong way in Beckley. He is expected to appear in a court hearing which will take place in Beckley as well.

Rafael Herrera – what are you doing?

As reported by wvva.com, the crash occurred on Interstate 77 which left three of the victims critically injured and one dead. Prosecutors have slapped Herrera with serious charges including 2nd degree murder. The victims should already be calling for a top Beckley, West Virginia DUI lawyer.

The decedent in the case has been identified as 28 year old Lisa McCormick of Knoxville. Arresting officers that arrived on scene and apprehended Herrera also believe that he was under the influence of wither alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident.

Driver does not know English

However, DUI charges are yet to be filed against Herrera as there has been a delay in the toxicology report due to technical reasons. Herrera also required an interpreter to communicate with the police. Supposedly, there was a delay in acquiring the interpreter also.

Herrera also had criminal charges pending against him when he caused the fatal accident. He was on probation in the state of Pennsylvania for allegedly making terrorist threats.

Man that drove into Mercer County school bus now under arrest

47 year old Carl Johnson that comes from Bramwell has been placed in custody after having crashed into a Mercer County school bus, according to bdtonline.com. When law enforcement officers arrived on the scene and questioned Johnson he had said that he was being pursued by other motorists and in fear of his life he tried to make an escape but instead ended up ploughing into the school bus.

Thankfully, neither the middle school students occupying the bus at the time of the crash nor the bus driver injured as a result of the accident. Regardless, this could be another DUI accident where a Beckley, West Virginia DUI attorney is needed.

According to police reports, Johnson was operating a Chevrolet Cavalier. Initially, Johnson was transported to Bluefield Regional Medical Center where he was medically evaluated and alter placed under arrest after he was released from the medical facility. Authorities are investigating if drugs or alcohol played a contributing role in causing the accident.


Drunk driver causes accident kills infant

A report by whsv.com indicates that Crystal Hall, a West Virginia mother lost her 4 month old son in a car accident.  The accident occurred in Moorefield, West Virginia where her vehicle was stuck by an alleged drunk driver. She is currently bed ridden with a neck brace in a hospital bed. But hopefully she has the strength to use the Internet and hop on USAttorneys.com. Anyone in this situation should use this site to find a DUI lawyer that is not paid until you are paid. They want to win your case as badly as you do and if someone damages your life, they should pay for it!

Sadly, she is a victim of an irresponsible motorist. According to 2012 report by the Centers for Disease Control, over 4 million adults have admitted to have driven while impaired in the last 30 days. Sadly, Hall is one of the victims. Hardy County Courthouse reports indicate that Jerud Crites has been charged with DUI causing death. She is currently recovering at the U. Va. Medical Center.

DUI laws – West Virginia

Anyone operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content over or equal to 0.08% in West Virginia is technically committing the crime of driving under the influence and is therefore subject to penalization. However, sometimes because of faulty sobriety testing equipment innocent people get charged with DUI, it is important that such persons appoint a qualified West Virginia DUI lawyer to defend them aggressively.

If convicted, penalties can include hefty fines, suspension of a driver’s license, and maybe even lengthy prison sentences.