Casper, WY- In the world of politics, optics are everything and past actions or arrests can come back to haunt a candidate. Wyoming Republican Bunky Loucks is learning this the hard way after a political action committee released a negative ad highlighting Loucks’ DUI arrest stemming from

Both Loucks, the incumbent, and his Democratic opponent are highly critical of the radio ad put out by the PAC Citizens for a Better Wyoming, according to Casper Star Tribune (

The ad hits Loucks on legislation he passed that would force women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion while he opposed a bill that would make it illegal for drivers to refuse a breathalyzer.

The ad says, “Maybe that’s because Bunky has never been pregnant. But he has been arrested for drunk driving and convicted of resisting arrest; Bunky’s votes are all about Bunky.”

The Casper Tribune reported that in 2008 Loucks’ pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and interference with arrest. He was convicted of resisting arrest and received deferred prosecution for DUI, which was eventually dismissed in 2010.

His challenger Democrat Mike Gilmore was also outraged by the ad, but after the Citizen’s United decision, PACs are allowed to run any political ads they chose.

This situation just emphasizes how negatively a DUI conviction or arrest can have on a person’s future. If you are seeking a job, a DUI may dissuade and employer and when running for political office it could cost a person the election. A well-built defense can keep a person from having a conviction on their record.

People who are charged with a drunk driving should fight it by retaining a skilled DUI lawyer. They will evaluate the circumstances of your arrest, and determine if there is hope to get a lesser charge and keep the courts from giving you a harsh sentence.