Daphne, AL- A recent report found that Alabama leads the nation in drugged driving arrests and they are on the rise. Many people hearing that fact would probably assume that the increase is because of marijuana, but that isn’t the case. That isn’t to say drugged driving isn’t a problem on Alabama roads because it is, but isn’t the stoned driver and their illicit pot putting you in danger, it’s the person with prescription drugs posing the greatest danger in the state.

AL.com reports that based on statistics from the Alabama Department of Forensic Science Xanax and its generic equivalent Alprazolam show in more Alabama drugged driving arrests than any other illicit of prescribed drugs. This commonly prescribed anti-anxiety medication surprisingly beats marijuana in DUI arrests.

According the AL.com. Alprazolam was detected in 29 percent of DUI arrests in the state while only 23 percent of DUI arrests in the state involved marijuana. Only alcohol surpassed Alprazolam in Alabama DUI arrests. What’s more, the news outlet points out that the data has held true for the past three years.

Alprazolam or Xanax has been the most frequently prescribed psychiatric drug in the U.S. since 2005, AL.com, and is in the hands of 48 million people many of whom drive. Unlike many prescription drugs, this anti-anxiety drug can severely inhibit a person’s motor skills, delay their reaction times and put them at risk of causing a car crash.

People have a casual attitude about drunken driving; according to MADD, the average drunken driving  offender will drive drunk approximately 80 times before they are caught or cause and accident. In an AAA survey, motorists expressed some confusion about what drugged driving is and how big of a problem it is all over the country and in Alabama.

One reason drugged driving is growing problem is the fact that is harder to detect and harder to prove in impairment. Unlike alcohol intoxication for which there is a scientifically-proven measurement, there is no such measure of drug impairment. This works to the advantage of someone facing drugged driving charge.

If you have been arrested for drugged driving, don’t be in a state of denial. Don’t fool yourself into believing you don’t need expert legal counsel. If you do nothing, you can pretty much ensure you will be convicted of drugged driving. That means you will lose your license, face fines and cost in the thousands, and possibly go to jail. A conviction will also go on your criminal record.

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