You Won’t Believe These Crazy Drunk Drivers in Florida

Drunk driving is a problem throughout the United States, but judging by the events of the past week, it seems to be an especially serious issue in Florida. In the space of just a few days, multiple drunk drivers have caused all kinds of mayhem in the Sunshine State. These incidents are shocking to the average observer, but for those directly harmed by drunk drivers, these crashes are also life-changing.

If you have been harmed by a drunk driver in Florida, you might be asking yourself: “Where can I find accident attorneys near me?” The good news is that lawyers who can help are never far away. In Florida, there are many attorneys who can guide you towards justice and closure after a DUI crash. These lawyers will help you pursue a financial settlement that you can use to pay for your medical expenses, missed wages, and any other damages you may have experienced.

Drunk Driver Runs Over Severed Body Parts

On April 18th, it was reported that a drunk driver had accelerated through a crash scene, running over several severed limbs that were left scattered on the road from an earlier accident (1). This individual apparently ignored the state troopers who were responding to the scene and drove straight through. Finally, he was apprehended and charged with multiple crimes, including aggravated assault, DUI, reckless driving, and driving with a revoked license. In addition, the vehicle that actually killed the initial victims fled the scene and is nowhere to be found.

83-Year-Old Driver Crashes into Police Cruiser While Drunk and High 

On April 12th, it was reported that an intoxicated 83-year-old had been charged with a DUI after crashing into a police patrol car (2). Thankfully, the vehicle was empty at the time of the crash. The individual was taken into custody, and it was later discovered that his BAC was nearly twice the legal limit. They also found cocaine in the elderly individual’s possession.

Police Officer Forced to Ram Drunk Driver to Get Him Off the Road

On April 14th, it was reported that a police officer had been left with no other choice but to ram a drunk driver off the road (3). The officer noticed the vehicle approaching a 10k running event where hundreds of pedestrians were scheduled to be on the road. In order to ensure the safety of these pedestrians, the officer put her own life on the line. The officer was injured, and the driver faces multiple DUI-related charges.

Woman Commits DUI in Golf Cart

On April 14th, it was also reported that a 71-year-old woman violated her parole when she drove a golf cart drunk in Sumter County (4). After apprehending the individual, officers discovered that the woman’s BAC was way above the legal level. She was jailed without bond. This was not the first time she had been driving her gold cart while drunk.

Where Can I Find an Attorney?

If you’ve been searching the Fort Walton Beach area for a qualified, experienced car accident attorney, look no further than Browning Law Firm, P.A. This firm can help you hold negligent, drunk, and reckless drivers accountable for their misconduct. Even more importantly, they can guide you towards a fair, adequate settlement for your injuries. Get in touch today, because the statute of limitations can prevent you from suing if you wait too long. The clock is ticking.


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