You can breathe a small sigh of relief for now, your DUI case has been closed. However, the DUI drama doesn’t end there. Even if your charges were dismissed, the DUI arrest will still show up on your record, possibly haunting you for the rest of your life.

Following the dismissal or conclusion of a drunk driving case, it is important for all motorists to thoroughly review their options. The first thing to be considered is whether or not you want to have your record expunged. This isn’t very cheap, and it doesn’t do away with your record completely, but will seal your DUI from public view so others can’t access any information about your case.

Many motorists may not worry about expunging their records, especially if they only had one DUI charge throughout their lifetime. This is where many drivers make a critical mistake. Not everyone forgives a mistake, even if you have learned your lesson about drinking and driving. Employers, lenders and even landlords run background checks that usually involve reviewing criminal history. If any sign of trouble pops up, you can get denied a new job, loan or even a new home.

Don’t let this happen to you. Turn to a DUI lawyer in your hometown to discuss expungement options for your DUI case. States have varying laws a when it comes to expunging a drunk driving offense, so seeking legal counsel is your best bet to ensuring a favorable outcome