A police vehicle parked in front of 88-10 180th Street in Jamaica, Queens, was struck by Langford Banda, a Zambian diplomat. The officers inside the police vehicle sustained minor injuries and were taken to Long Island Manhasset Hospital.

The diplomat was taken to the 112th Precinct station for suspected DUI. However, a spokesman said that he was released because he enjoys diplomatic immunity. Neither the Zambian consulate nor the DA’s office in Queens commented on the matter.

Man charged with vehicular manslaughter and homicide

A 27 year old man, who was initially arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated, has been convicted of vehicular manslaughter and homicide.

The man from Deer Park, Daniel Moriera, was found to have a blood alcohol level of more than double the legal limit when the police stopped him. He was driving a Toyota Corolla and rear ended a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck near Exit 49 on the Long Island Expressway in November last year. The 60 year old man who was driving the Tacoma, Terry Doughan, was however not injured in the crash.

The crash killed a 25 year old passenger Ismelda Rodriguez, of Brentwood who was riding with him, but the defendant claimed that he was travelling alone when the police questioned him at the site of the crash.   Prosecutors said that the police had noted that the defendant had bloodshot and glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol. He was treated for minor injuries at the Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow.

The arraignment will happen soon before Judge Fernando Camacho. Charges, other than vehicular manslaughter include reckless driving and speeding. Currently, Moreira is free on bail. According to Suffolk County DUI attorneys, vehicular manslaughter is a felony that attracts up to 15 years imprisonment, if a motorist is convicted.

Man indicted for manslaughter walks out after furnishing $50,000 bond

A 71 year old man, John Costello crashed into a 2006 Honda driven by 22-year-old Oseas Ramirez on Main Road in Greenport. The crash killed 32 year old Bartolone Miguel. Costello was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and had twice the legal limit of blood alcohol, according to DUI attorneys.

If convicted, Costello could face imprisonment of up to 15 years, according to Elizabeth Miller Assistant District Attorney. Costello was arraigned at the First District Courthouse in Central Islip. According to Costello’s DUI attorney, his client pleaded not guilty and is out free on a bond of $50,000. The attorney represented Costello when he was arrested initially on misdemeanor charges after the crash. His legal counsel also said that the indictment meant nothing and that his client was not guilty. He further accused Ramirez of driving without a license.

Apparently if you have this you can run into cops and get away with it. Perhaps NYC should tell the UN to leave.

Costello was arraigned before Southold Town Justice Rudolph Bruer on charges of misdemeanor in December following the crash, but those were dismissed.

The District Attorney noted that Costello had considerable financial means to get away and requested that the bail amount be set at $300,000. Costello’s attorney said that his client would not flee since he suffered a broken neck from the accident and had no prior convictions but he did just kill someone.

Justice certainly not respected

While the bond amount was set at $50,000 by Judge Camacho, it was promptly furnished by Mr. Costello who then left the courtroom using a walking cane. Nice job Judge Camacho, looks like you understand proper justice quite well kind of like the federal government understands proper health care.

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