How long are DUI courses in Florida?

Punta Gorda, FL—If an individual is convicted of DUI in Punta Gorda, FL, meaning they have been found guilty of driving under the influence, they may be required to complete a DUI program in order to meet court requirements. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), there are two types of DUI courses that are offered, one for those who committed the offense for the first time and the other for those who are considered a multiple offender.1


DUI Level I and Level II Courses


The DUI Level I course is offered for first-time offenders. The length of the course varies by case, but they involve “a minimum of 12 hours of classroom instruction” that covers information and “interactive educational techniques.” An individual will be informed during their sentencing hearing as to how many hours they are required to complete.

DUI Level II courses also range in length but start at a minimum of 21 hours. These courses generally center around “interactive educational techniques in a group setting.” The FLHSMV says that the class generally won’t exceed 15 people.


How much do DUI courses cost in Punta Gorda, FL?


DUI Level I and II courses are offered by the Southwest Florida Safety Council, Inc. The current fee for a Level I course is $306.80 and Level II courses cost $456.00. Individuals might also incur a $16.00 fee for their Florida driver’s license. Individuals who were convicted of DUI in Punta Gorda who need to complete a DUI program can register online by clicking here.


Steps to Take After Being Charged with DUI in Punta Gorda


If an individual was charged with DUI and would like to become more informed on the penalties their charge(s) carries, they can contact The O’Halloran & Foley Law Firm to speak with a Punta Gorda, FL DUI lawyer. The attorneys at The O’Halloran & Foley Law Firm will help an accused party:

  • Understand their rights and what the potential outcomes of the case might be.
  • Become familiar with the penalties their crime carries and what the likelihood is of them getting their charges reduced to a lesser degree.
  • Help an individual make an informed decision on how they should plead. Sometimes, submitting a guilty plea can help an individual avoid jail time and other serious penalties while other times it benefits them to take their case to trial.


The Punta Gorda, FL DUI lawyers at The O’Halloran & Foley Law Firm are available to discuss with a DUI offender or even a loved one of theirs how they can assist with their case and defend their rights.


The O’Halloran & Foley Law Firm can be reached at:


214 Wood Street

Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Phone: (941) 639-6009

Website: www.ohalloranandfoley.com



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